data (software) modem / lecture in bochum

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Fri Jan 19 04:08:56 CET 2007

hi there,

in search for a gnu/linux powered device i've found your project and i
must say i'm amazed ;)

well, i wanted to make a data link via a gsm voice call (see [0]) and
develop the needed hard- and software for it.

so, my question is: does the platform somehow allow to act as gsm modem
even in the middle of a voice call? if not i'd have to write a
software-modulation and recognition or adapt from other oss projects.

i know, this doesn't further the project itself much, but surely
increases the geek-factor of it ;)

another question is: does any of the developers or involved people live
in germany, close to bochum? if so, i know a couple of geeks and possible
future developers for the project -- all it needs is somebody who can hold
an interesting talk/lecture about the project at the "labor" bochum (see [1]
and [2] for some projects we've made).



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