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Andreas Kostyrka andreas at
Fri Jan 19 12:57:43 CET 2007

* Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns at> [070119 11:57]:
> >Nope, webforums just plainly suck.
> Depends on...
> >mailing list plus Wiki (remember anyone can contribute there) should
> >be ok.
> IMHO, mailing lists usually lack a good archive and therfore the same questions are discussed every now and then and they have a tendency of separating communities in two groups -
> insiders who know all the mails of the last two years and newcomers who don't.

Well, that's certainly not right. If it's something "old", google does
find it without problems. IMHO, if I need more specialized searching
or so, there is always the trivial way of downloading the whole mbox

And good subject lines plus the threaded display makes it quite ok to
catch up via the web archive. (What technically speaking I did for the
OpenMoko lists, not reading everything, just anything that seemed
interesting to catch with the mailing list.)

> And, by being forced to use a webforum, my impression is that people tend to think a little more before they write the next mail...
Right, I don't write them usually at all. Using a <textarea> to enter
messages sucks.
> But finally, the discussion about communication tools for this community may be a little early. We should focus on discussing "our next communication tool", the OpenMoko.
Right ;)


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