Artist Help (was Re: what is the difference between openMoko and windows mobile based phones)

Jesse Ross openmoko at
Fri Jan 19 16:58:49 CET 2007


My name is Jesse Ross and I've just been kind of lurking for the past  
month and a half or so. I'm a web designer/graphic designer/ 
illustrator by trade, and have been contributing to a few open source  
projects for the past couple of years. Right now I'm primarily  
involved with the Etoile and GNUstep projects, doing icon design,  
interface design and theming.

> Dare I suggest contacting people who are skilled at graphical  
> design, and would be willing to donate time, to help led the  
> development of the UI?  They could be our "elected officials" to  
> help moderate down all the different ideas and requests to make  
> them fit into a common vision and hopefully a great UI.

I'm really excited about this project, and would love to help with  
the UI. Below is a collection of various work I've done:

GNUstep icons:

GNUstep theme:

GNUstep menu concept:

Interaction mockups (Flash): 

Etoile logo concepts:

Jython logo:

Thanks again to everyone who is working on the project! I can't wait  
to get one and contribute!


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