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On 1/19/07, michael at <michael at> wrote:
> Did that one just come out? I thought I saw that a week or two ago. I
> can't
> remember for sure (it's at home, and I'm not), but I thought the picture
> was
> the same one that's on the linuxdevices website:

Thanks for the link. I hadn't seen it yet.

Don't be surprised. In live in Belgium so they have to send it over by mail
over the UK. I can imagine it's earlier on yuor side of the world ;-)

> Dying to get one!
> Me too! My birthday was yesterday, and I "gave" myself a Neo 1973. I will
> celebrate my birthday when it arrives.
> The real fun will start when we start developing creative apps. Look how
> imaginative this list has been with no hardware in hand. How much more so
> when
> we do!
> My hat is off to FIC and OpenMoko.

My opinion too. They deserve a big 'THANK YOU, GUYS'

To future fun,
> Michael


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