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Fri Jan 19 22:51:38 CET 2007

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Koen Kooi schreef:
> Brad Midgley schreef:
>> Koen
>>     > What's the openmoko developers' take on pulseaudio? I'm looking at
>>     how a
>>     > bluetooth pulse plugin would work out. fwiw, pulse could run as
>>     its own
>>     > service or be embedded in another service.
>>     In terms of audiorouting, wouldn't a gstreamer based solution be
>>     more flexible? 
>> pulse provides some things we can use
>> * allows for dynamically switching between audio adapters that come and go
>> * has some work on low-latency for voice
>> * as a daemon it can provide mixing and bluetooth connection persistence
>> between multiple client shutdown/startup/etc.
> After reading the LCA slides on pulse-audio it seems to be the best choice for an
> audiorouting app, BUT ...
> ... it uses libsamplerate, which is doing heavy floating point math for each needed step,
> so it isn't usable on regular ARM cpus. If we can avoid samplerate conversion, it should
> be performing quite well on the intended hardware.

I take that back:

[22:49] xkr47: koen, seems pulseaudio has a non-floating-point resampler already
[22:50] xkr47: koen, you just need to select it and it will bypass libsamplerate unless
there's some non-trivial shit going on

I'll try to enable that for fpuless platforms in OE



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