Visual Voicemail

Sencer alisencer at
Sat Jan 20 11:57:31 CET 2007

> Disable voicemail w/ your carrier (if possible; otherwise just answer
> before it kicks in).  Write a voicemail app for the phone that answers
> the call after a few rings, plays a message, records response to local
> memory.  Assuming we've got access to the caller ID data, that should
> be everything needed to write a visual playback app.

The Sony Z5 did that in the nineties already. What this is missing is
all the calls you get when the phone is off or you don't have
coverage, which depending on where you live may be the majority of
calls/voicemails you are interested in.

But don't get me wrong: A voicemail app that runs and records on the
phone is great. I've been missing that feature ever since.


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