Q1: GPS software bundled ,Q2:Java support

Jay Trister trister12 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 20 13:34:06 CET 2007

This is my first post ,so I just wanted to give a thumbs up for this original idea :)
I think this mobile will start a chain reaction that will lead to a big market change..

Question 1:
Will there be any software (from phase 0) that will take advantage of the AGPS? 
No need for maps (as long as there is a way to create them ourselves). Can you tell us which program you're planning to use ,so we can get a head start?

Question 2:
I know what I want might be tough , but are there any plans to implement a java API to access some of the basic functions of the phone (ringing, sms, catalogue access) ?
I prefer java because its more portable (or at least more easy to port) than C++.
I believe that if you allow even a basic low level access to java apps the phone lot of java developers will turn to it .It's better to have Java&C Developers than only C ;)   .

Keep up the good work. I think this mobile WILL revolusionize the future.

Btw, the gaming-console/media-player/e-book-reader GP2X is made on a pretty much-same philosophy.Everything is open for everyone-even the source code of the firmware. And the company is giving an SDK.

PS. sorry for my bad english :)

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