Visual Voicemail

Lars-Peter Clausen lars at
Sat Jan 20 14:16:08 CET 2007

Ted Lemon wrote:
> On Jan 19, 2007, at 9:20 PM, Austin Taylor wrote:
>> Think like a hacker. Why couldn't we scrape it?
> Think like a developer: how can we make it work?   Think like an 
> entrepreneur: is there a solution here that we can offer?   Can we 
> transform GSM-as-usual into a transport?   If GSM is just the tube you 
> use to get to the mobile device, and the number that you call isn't 
> the GSM number, then you can intercede if the call isn't answered and 
> capture the voicemail, perhaps in an Asterix PBX.   Once you have the 
> voicemail, the phone can download it next time it has IP 
> connectivity.   Voila: visual voicemail, no scraping needed.
> The question is, is this a service anyone would go to the trouble to 
> use?   In some ways it would suck - no way to notify the phone that 
> the voicemail is present if you're off the IP network.
> I think it's a ripe place to do some research, but whether it is 
> actually useful, we'd have to see.   Personally, nothing against 
> Cingular, but if I have to switch to them to get this feature, it's 
> not worth it to me - I quite like t-mobile as a carrier in general.

When I thought about this i got a similar solution:
At least with some carriers you give them a number which should be
called if your mobile phone does not answer.
So we would give them the number of an Asterix box which answers the
call and save all relevant data(date/time, caller, voice...).

You said this would only be possible to use that when you are connected
to an IP network.
But why couldn't the Asterix box behave just as the carriers voice mails
do? It would call you back or send you an sms when you have voicemails
and then offer you either to hear it the "normal" why like carriers do
now or if you have an IP network connection to use a visual voicemail

But I would like to go one step further: You could let the Asterix box
encode the data like caller and date in some "beeps" and then use the
phone to decode it and display it on the screen. And as it isn't that
much data it could be done in an acceptable amount of time time.

So in my opinion it is quite realistic to have visual voicemail on your neo.


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