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Sat Jan 20 14:50:17 CET 2007

Lars here has the right idea, I think.  But I'd like to take it a step back
and forward again.  Instead of letting the Asterix box send back beeps after
a query, the Neo just keeps track of the information sent from the Asterix
via SMS, and displays it as a list of voicemails to call. And then when a
user clicks on a voicemail, the phone can use either the voice or IP as a
data line to query the Asterix box for the correct voicemail.


On 1/20/07, Lars-Peter Clausen <lars at> wrote:
> Ted Lemon wrote:
> > On Jan 19, 2007, at 9:20 PM, Austin Taylor wrote:
> >> Think like a hacker. Why couldn't we scrape it?
> >
> > Think like a developer: how can we make it work?   Think like an
> > entrepreneur: is there a solution here that we can offer?   Can we
> > transform GSM-as-usual into a transport?   If GSM is just the tube you
> > use to get to the mobile device, and the number that you call isn't
> > the GSM number, then you can intercede if the call isn't answered and
> > capture the voicemail, perhaps in an Asterix PBX.   Once you have the
> > voicemail, the phone can download it next time it has IP
> > connectivity.   Voila: visual voicemail, no scraping needed.
> >
> > The question is, is this a service anyone would go to the trouble to
> > use?   In some ways it would suck - no way to notify the phone that
> > the voicemail is present if you're off the IP network.
> >
> > I think it's a ripe place to do some research, but whether it is
> > actually useful, we'd have to see.   Personally, nothing against
> > Cingular, but if I have to switch to them to get this feature, it's
> > not worth it to me - I quite like t-mobile as a carrier in general.
> When I thought about this i got a similar solution:
> At least with some carriers you give them a number which should be
> called if your mobile phone does not answer.
> So we would give them the number of an Asterix box which answers the
> call and save all relevant data(date/time, caller, voice...).
> You said this would only be possible to use that when you are connected
> to an IP network.
> But why couldn't the Asterix box behave just as the carriers voice mails
> do? It would call you back or send you an sms when you have voicemails
> and then offer you either to hear it the "normal" why like carriers do
> now or if you have an IP network connection to use a visual voicemail
> system.
> But I would like to go one step further: You could let the Asterix box
> encode the data like caller and date in some "beeps" and then use the
> phone to decode it and display it on the screen. And as it isn't that
> much data it could be done in an acceptable amount of time time.
> So in my opinion it is quite realistic to have visual voicemail on your
> neo.
> Lars
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