Time for a community manifesto? And let us spread this good News :) Re: Free Your Phone

Tim Newsom cephdon at gmail.com
Sat Jan 20 19:37:54 CET 2007

It might be interesting to build some capability into the help system 
where people can submit tips for applications, or even help information, 
which gets sent to some openmoko.org repository and packaged up like an 
rss feed.  Then periodically and configurable by the user the system 
could fetch the latest tips/help information for installed applications 
and update itself. For those of you worried about tracking what 
applications are installed, it could maybe be user configured to 
download all help and tips and then just apply the ones on your device 
for applications you actually have installed.

Granted, just like any other user supplied content, it will have to be 
monitored to prevent abuse, but it might be a good way to involve the 
community in building the help and tips and distributing an otherwise 
huge task to a number of willing and eager participants.


> You bet we'll be working on this! We've got help built into every
> application. It's not very advanced at this point...but we consider it 
> to be
> quite fundamental to our system. I would really like to take this to a 
> new
> level. This is the kind of stuff communities can really do well. I 
> would
> love to use applications on my phone and find things like tips that 
> other
> people find particularly handy.
> -Sean


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