About GPS, points of interest (and map data)

Pierre Hébert pierrox at pierrox.net
Sat Jan 20 21:47:53 CET 2007

Hi !

One software I really dream of is a software allowing me to share points 
of interest. The Neo1973 with its GPS could be used to do a "snapshot" 
of the location, and a small software could help us to categorize the 
place (for example restaurant, panorama, museum, etc.), eventually add a 
comment. This POI could then be immediately submitted to a shared 
database thanks to GSM/GPRS data connexion (or later at home via 
bluetooth for example). Such a database could then be used to find a 
specific POI near you : just powerup the Neo, ask for a restaurant in a 
1km radius near you et voila !
As submitting a new POI will be easy and fast to do (just a little form), 
and as we will always have our Neo in our pocket, the POI database will 
rapidly contains a lots of entries :-)
The database could be queried directly via GSM, or eventually to reduce 
communication costs just a subset could be stored on the Neo. In this 
case we could download only POI near us. 

In the same idea it would be great if the Neo could help us build a 
shared geographic database. With a Neo and a software assistant we could 
mark streets, crossroad as we are walking. Of course building a GIS 
requires a lot more work than building a database of POI, but with 
thousands of Neo in a big city (or perhaps millions soon ;-) ) I guess 
that such database will grow rapidly !

Does someone know about existing free softwares dealing with POI ? There 
are some existing projects, like this one for maemo : 
http://eko.one.pl/index.php?page=Nokia770_software#POI for maemo-mapper, 
but a central database is missing.



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