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David Ford david at
Sat Jan 20 23:53:42 CET 2007

That's called rhetorical questions.  Those are GNU's opinions which are 
obviously and adamantly not shared.

-I- think it's entirely silly.

Xorg is as much "not a component" as GNU is.

If gnusense is "GNU/Linux" based on Ubuntu, then why have they stripped 
"Ubuntu" from the name?  That's entirely hypocritical.


Dave Crossland wrote:
> The FAQ for your particular question is at
> explains why this is not
> silly, in depth.
> I'm sorry if I've come across as making a silly suggestion - I am
> being very earnest here.
> I am not suggesting to call the system by my favourite component.
> While the X Windowing System, GTK, and the Linux kernel are
> components, "GNU" is not a component.
>> If the Free Software Foundation wants to
>> call something "GNU/Linux" that badly, let 'em put together their own
>> distribution and call it whatever they like.
> is FSF sponsored, and removes all proprietary
> software from the Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution.

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