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Declan Naughton piratepenguin at
Sun Jan 21 00:01:08 CET 2007

On 1/20/07, David Ford <david at> wrote:
> OpenMoko FIC/GNU/Linus/Alan Cox/X11/Xorg/GTK/... Linux.  Oh, and who is
> the principal for the plastic and silicon?  How about the makers of the
> editors you use to create all this code and give credit to the companies
> that supplied the monitors, cpus, and keyboards?

...we're talking about the software distribution.

> I think its safe to assume that the shorthand for the system will be
> plain 'OpenMoKo.'

That's not so bad, then.

> On 1/20/07, Dave Crossland <dave at> wrote:
> > > Join us. "Free Your Phone."
> >
> > I totally love this catch phrase! I hope that the FIC marketting uses
> > it as the official tagline of all its openmoko devices!
> If freedom is a real goal then I agree.

And I'm not so sure that is is. It seems this is more about the
technical merit of being community developed, to anything else.

> If gnusense is "GNU/Linux" based on Ubuntu, then why have they stripped
> "Ubuntu" from the name?  That's entirely hypocritical.

gNewSense is a fork of Ubuntu. It is not GNU/Linux based on Ubuntu,
Ubuntu is a GNU/Linux distribution anyhow, I don't think anybody will
disagree with that.

Declan Naughton

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