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Andreas Jellinghaus aj at
Sun Jan 21 00:22:27 CET 2007

Dave Crossland wrote:
> The FAQ for your particular question is at

which tells us
	The principal developer is the GNU Project.

I don't think so, and even more important:
	It can't be fair to give all the credit to one secondary
	contribution (Linux) while omitting the principal contribution

Credit whom credit is due. Either they accept that credit is givin to 
everyone, and that this is a long list, and that if people highlight
some feature of their choice it is freedom of speach, or they don't.

but the gnu way of placing themself before everone else is disgusting.
I'd prefer if "gnu" was not given any special treatment.

Regards, Andreas.
p.s. gnu also mentions on one cd they claim to have had the biggest 
contribution with about 28%. I doubt I can find more gnu code than
kde code on my kubuntu.

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