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Renaissance Man renaissanceman at
Sun Jan 21 01:44:42 CET 2007

On 21 Jan 2007, at 12:25 am, Richard Franks wrote:

> I agree, and I agree that this would generally be A Good Thing. But  
> I think it that it would make the Neo just a little bit harder to  
> market - if a potential customer is asking themselves "What does a  
> GNU do?" rather than reading the feature-list, then this is A Bad  
> Thing.

If someone's going to be asking themselves that, the same goes for  
"Linux." OpenMoko is clearly what people are going to refer to it as,  
but, as Crossland points out, IF and whenever a *full title* is used,  
GNU/Linux seems more appropriate than Linux.

> I care about the technology first, the more popular the platform -  
> the quicker Open Source technology progresses. My reasoning is that  
> simple. Although I support the goals of the FSF, I hold progress  
> ahead of my political philosophy.

I don't follow your reasoning at all. How does referring to a piece  
of software as GNU/Linux instead Linux slow down the progress of it?

Renaissance Man

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