OpenMoko devices and Mac OS X

Steve Nicholson steve.nicholson at
Sun Jan 21 03:10:11 CET 2007

On 20/01/2007, at 6:32 PM, Kent Karlsson wrote:

> On 20 jan 2007, at 14.14, Renaissance Man wrote:
>> On 20 Jan 2007, at 9:55 pm, Kent Karlsson wrote:
>>> Awesome to see so much people ready to jump on the job to get it  
>>> working with Mac. That was supposed to be my first thing to make  
>>> sure as well but it seems like I'm not really alone.
>>> Looking forward to this so much. =)
>> Same. Except I hope it eventually has the "just works" factor (i.e  
>> you can just load the software and it just works, without needing  
>> to be a hacker to get it to work correctly, etc) like iSync does  
>> for me now. I reckon a lot of Mac-users like me will go for  
>> OpenMoko instead of iPhone if OpenMoko can be demonstrated to do  
>> that.
> Which pretty much means that when the developer release hits the  
> streets we happy hackers will make sure it works for us and when it  
> is polished a bit, perhaps around public release even, it will be  
> available as a download on our favourite site.
> I don't mind being the one who makes sure it just works for normal  
> users and I bet I'm not alone in the sentiment.

Good to hear there are developers keen on making the "it just works"   
work for normal users, I'm moving more and more from a technical geek  
to a just need it to work for me user:-).  Also very pleasing to see  
there is a lot of Mac users interested in this project. I assume many  
others will find this project as I did after been disillusioned by  
the Iphone and looking for something else that will fill the need of  
a phone that will allow me to share my Mac apps and data I chose with  
my phone.  Looking forward to a phone that allows me to use it the  
way I want to use it, can take it with me every where I go (different  
countries) and swap SIM for the local carrier so I don't get hosed by  
roaming charges etc.  Now there is an idea, program the ability to  
copy SIM card profiles so I can switch between SIMs with out  
physically inserting it when I need it.  Not sure how possible that  
is, don't know enough about how the SIM cards work.

Keep up the good work.

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