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Wil Chung iamwil at
Sun Jan 21 04:59:58 CET 2007

Well, I was just saying that decoding beeps from Asterisk is probably harder
to do than to decode SMS(s), and let the phone keep track of what voice
mails are available to listen to (like an index), and then Asterisk keeps
the voice mails.  When the user wants to listen to a specific voice mail, it
kept the voicemail SMSes and can look through it (like an index) for the one
the user wants, and then it calls Asterisk to request that particular
voicemail.  It gets returned to the phone (probably streamed if over IP, or
your Asterisk box just calls your phone and plays the message)

I think you(Austin) were thinking that you'd want to cache it on the phone
somehow.  I guess the phone can do that if it's been played at least once,
up to a certain number of voicemails cached, so it doesn't have to get it
from the server again (unless the voicemail expired)

I've never set up Asterisk before, so I can't claim to know for sure.
However, my impression is that it's much like setting up your own
webserver.  (someone correct me if I'm wrong) You download it, you compile
and install it.  However, I assume you have to have a modem of some sort and
a landline or dedicated cell phone.


On 1/20/07, Austin Taylor <austin.jerky at> wrote:
> This sounds like a really good idea. You'd want to save a recording of
> the message on the phone so that you can rewind and whatnot. How much
> trouble is it to run your own Asterix box? Or do you envision this
> being some kind of service?

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