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Sven Gothel sgothel at
Sun Jan 21 06:43:56 CET 2007

Well, religion or believe or whatever can create such a warfare
is one important thing for sure - to be handled with care.
I better skip those things here ;-)

But it is a fact, that a running OSS box, leveraging the Linux kernel
and the GNU tools and Xorg and .. well, it's a hard thing to name
this box properly. So the FSF and many others came to the conclusion,
or better compromise to name the 2 most important things, GNU + Linux,
so - it is a GNU/Linux box, GNU first, because it came first,
and actually .. where were we, if we didn't have the GNU toolchain ?

Besides, if you don't like to discuss those things,
why do you jump into this discussion in the first place ?
This seems not very logical to me.
And it is a fact as well, that such 'community' mailinglists
shall follow the freedom of speech, as far as it is related 
to the project.

This reminds me of the very honorable dude Theo de Raadt 
and the not so nice reasons for starting OpenBSD ; 
As you can see, things matter to people, even this 'evangelism' thing ;-)

Have a good one

Cheers, Sven

On Saturday 20 January 2007 22:22, Greg Tada wrote:
> This is so tiring. I think we've all had to deal with this GNU/Linux
> vs. Linux war multiple times. How about those of you who care about it
> argue amongst yourselves instead of clogging our inboxes? WE'VE ALL
> Why don't we start working constructively on what will make this
> platform better instead of bickering over religion?
> Thanks,
> G

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