OpenMoko devices and Mac OS X

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at
Sun Jan 21 08:57:22 CET 2007

> Good to hear there are developers keen on making the "it just  
> works"  work for normal users, I'm moving more and more from a  
> technical geek to a just need it to work for me user:-).  Also very  
> pleasing to see there is a lot of Mac users interested in this  
> project. I assume many others will find this project as I did after  
> been disillusioned by the Iphone and looking for something else  
> that will fill the need of a phone that will allow me to share my  
> Mac apps and data I chose with my phone.  Looking forward to a  
> phone that allows me to use it the way I

Well, sharing data (calendar and contacts) is expected to be simple  
(create a patch for iSync and use SyncML).

Sharing applications is much more complex and more or less means  
removing some parts of OpenMoko (e.g. GTK, the built in applications)  
and replacing with a MacOS/Cocoa compatible software layer. The best  
thing with OpenMoko is that it *can* be done!

> want to use it, can take it with me every where I go (different  
> countries) and swap SIM for the local carrier so I don't get hosed  
> by roaming charges etc.  Now there is an idea, program the ability  
> to copy SIM card profiles so I can switch between SIMs with out  
> physically inserting it when I need it.  Not sure how possible that  
> is, don't know enough about how the SIM cards work.

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