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> Renaissance Man <renaissanceman at> wrote:
> > But it's comments like yours that turn it into something like a  
> > religion. The person who proposed this in the first place had a  
> > pragmatic argument, not a religious one. Relative to many of you I  
> > know little about GNU and Linux but I can certainly see the practical  
> > reasons for using the GNU/Linux moniker.
> > 
> > In fact the *act* of actually *using* the term GNU/Linux instead of  
> > Linux seems to me so trivial I have a hard time understanding why  
> > some of you are so opposed to it and want to turn it into a religious  
> > discussion.
> There is a clear distinction between the meanings of the two terms. Linux is just the kernel, while GNU/Linux is the OS, meaning kernel, tools, libraries etc.
> If you use the term Linux for both, then you have ambiguity and can cause confusion. Nothing religious here, just the practical need to avoid ambuguity.
> Kindly,
> Rox

the problem with GNU/linux is that most distros today contain a whole lot of other stuff that chould may well claim it needs the same recognition as the GNU stuff. anyone up for a GNU/KDE|GNOME/CUPS/MYSQL/linux distro (example)...

to me a better way would be for the writer to take the time to type kernel or distro every time linux comes up...

that way you dont confuse people, and you dont start "religious" debates...

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