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Nico Veenkamp nico at
Sun Jan 21 14:36:59 CET 2007


I joined the list today and have read through most of the discussions.
As others here I am very excited about this new device and looking
forward to get my hands on one.

I like my games few and simple, so most of the time I play GJeweled and
FrozenBubble.I see that they were not mentioned so I add them to the
list :)

I also found that on the 'unofficial OpenMoko Wiki' there was no entry
for Games ideas. So I went ahead and created one. Please see at

If I have the permission of the relevant posters I can add their posts
to this page if you {don't want to do it yourself;don't have the
time;any other reason}.

Nico Veenkamp
Open Source Solutions for Internet (OSSFI)
T: 06-53193353
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