Q1: GPS software bundled ,Q2:Java support

Terrence Barr - Evangelist, Java Mobile & Embedded Terrence.Barr at Sun.COM
Sun Jan 21 15:56:37 CET 2007


On Q2:

The Mobile & Embedded Community (http://www.mobileandembedded.org) is
keeping a close eye on OpenMoko. We definitely want to see Java ME
on this device. Anybody who is interested in working on porting Java ME
to OpenMoko please let me know.

Btw, I believe Koen has already started some work on this, see

-- Terrence

Jay Trister wrote:
> This is my first post ,so I just wanted to give a thumbs up for this 
> original idea :)
> I think this mobile will start a chain reaction that will lead to a big 
> market change..
> Question 1:
> Will there be any software (from phase 0) that will take advantage of 
> the AGPS?
> No need for maps (as long as there is a way to create them ourselves). 
> Can you tell us which program you're planning to use ,so we can get a 
> head start?
> Question 2:
> I know what I want might be tough , but are there any plans to implement 
> a java API to access some of the basic functions of the phone (ringing, 
> sms, catalogue access) ?
> I prefer java because its more portable (or at least more easy to port) 
> than C++.
> I believe that if you allow even a basic low level access to java apps 
> the phone lot of java developers will turn to it .It's better to have 
> Java&C Developers than only C ;)   .
> Keep up the good work. I think this mobile WILL revolusionize the future.
> Btw, the gaming-console/media-player/e-book-reader GP2X is made on a 
> pretty much-same philosophy.Everything is open for everyone-even the 
> source code of the firmware. And the company is giving an SDK.
> PS. sorry for my bad english :)
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