Tom Berger tom.berger at gmail.com
Sun Jan 21 16:11:05 CET 2007


I'm new to the list, so I don't know whether this was already discussed, but
I'm surprised (and a bit sorry) that the OpenMoKo spec doesn't include WiFi
- I'm currently using an HTC Universal and would very much like to switch to
the MoKo as soon as it's available, but I find that the WiFi option is
really useful and it will be very hard for me to give it up - I use my phone
for browsing the web quite a lot, and also for VOIP (which is really one of
the killer apps for smart phones).

What is the rationale behind the exclusion of WiFi? Will you consider
including it on future revisions? Will it be possible to extend the MoKo
with a WiFi card or something like that?


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