Free Your Phone

David Ford david at
Sun Jan 21 17:07:09 CET 2007

And what are the GNU free distributions to be called?  If you cut 
yourself, do you get a bandaid or medically sterile adsorbent pad 
attached to an affixable length of flexible material?  Band-aid may be 
trademarked and copyrighted, but that's still what everyone calls such 
items and there whatever confusion there is .. doesn't really matter to 
most people.



p.s. it's religious and for every one that feels GNU should be the sole 
title bearer, there is another that feels they should not.

Rok Ruzic wrote:
> There is a clear distinction between the meanings of the two terms. Linux is just the kernel, while GNU/Linux is the OS, meaning kernel, tools, libraries etc.
> If you use the term Linux for both, then you have ambiguity and can cause confusion. Nothing religious here, just the practical need to avoid ambuguity.
> Kindly,
> Rox

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