Text input, OpenMoko and Tengo

Ulrik Rasmussen openmoko at hwiz.dk
Sun Jan 21 17:08:53 CET 2007

So, since it's just pending, that means that an implementation of something 
that works in the same way would only be legal to distribute on "borrowed 

I'm not that much into patent laws, but how long can it take for a patent to 
get accepted/rejected?

Since a method like this seems very effective for all kinds of touch screen 
based devices, it would kinda cripple the industry if one company was sitting 
on such a fundamental piece of functionality. What if they chose _not_ to 
support the OpenMoko?

On Saturday 20 January 2007 19:55, Renaissance Man wrote:
> Well, actually I was wrong, it's not (yet) patented. Their website
> says patent pending:
> http://www.tengo.net/tengo_intellectualproperty.html
> I don't know anything about patent law. I've just heard I a lot of
> good reports about this way of doing text input.
> Renaissance Man
> On 20 Jan 2007, at 2:48 pm, Ulrik Rasmussen wrote:
> > That is patented? But how? It's basically a rearrangement of the
> > buttons used
> > on a regular cell phone.
> > Unless there's some feature that I've missed, then I can't see how
> > this could
> > be innovative enough to deserve a patent.
> >
> > -Ulrik
> >
> > On Saturday 20 January 2007 13:44, Renaissance Man wrote:
> >> Would I be right in assuming we won't see anything like Tengo-type
> >> free software text input on OpenMoko, being that it's patented?
> >>
> >> http://www.tengo.net/
> >>
> >> I'm also assuming that getting Tengo to add support for OpenMoko is a
> >> trivial matter. But would be nice to have a freedom software version.
> >>
> >> Renaissance Man
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