Linux vs. GNU/Linux

Marcel de Jong mdejong at
Sun Jan 21 17:22:12 CET 2007

On 1/21/07, Ole Tange < at> wrote:
> The discussion whether to call it Linux or GNU/Linux has been going on
> for some time and now it is also on this mailinglist.
> May I suggest a compromise: If you want to call it GNU/Linux, then
> call it GNU/Linux, but stop bothering people that calls it Linux. If
> you want to call it Linux, then call it Linux, but stop bothering
> people that calls it GNU/Linux.

If we want to make this phone a success we should not bicker on such a
trivial subject, who cares if I call it Linux or GNU/Linux. I know a
lot of people who call it Lunix, because they don't know it very well.
You can try to tell them that it's Linux or something like that, but
in my experience that doesn't work. Same with this discussion on GNU

If we want our mom and pop buy this thing it doesn't matter if they
call it Lunix/Linux/GNU/Linux, as long as they call with the phone.

Let's put that energy more in making the Openmoko the best phone there
is, with applications that everyone wants/needs.

> If people ask you why you chose the one then answer them politely by
> personal email.
> /Ole


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