BTW Manifesto - I found "My Mobile 2.0 Manifesto" from Fabrizio Capobianco (funambol) Re: Time for a community manifesto? And let us spread this good News :) Re: Free Your Phone

Robert Michel openmoko at
Sun Jan 21 17:48:39 CET 2007


Robert Michel schrieb am Samstag, den 20. Januar 2007 um 16:47h:
> Dear OpenMoko fellows!

> Seans mail sounds like a manifesto, Debian has one,too, sooooo
> what do you think when we community would having one as well
> to emphasise our effort to share knowhow, skills and solutions,
> and to encourage and support OpenMoko/Neo1973 users to become
> active with us?
> Such a community-manifesto would answers Seans call to become 
> active and cooperate with FIC/OpenMoko/Neo1973 - it would be
> strong and convincing for the media and interested people.

I searched webpages for "OpenMoko Manifesto" and I found this:

2. Mobile 2.0 is all about open standards and open platforms. Same as
Web 1.0. It all happens when standards get into the mainstream. Let's
forget ActiveSync(¹), BlackBerry, Good and the like. Standards are here and
will make this big. It is SyncML and others. They are on 800,000,000
phones today.

3. Mobile 2.0 is driven by open source. Open source is the center
element of Mobile 2.0. Developers drive it. It is an unstoppable force.
Look at what we are doing with OpenMoko(²) and Mobile Linux. Look at Java
ME going open source today or the announcement of Motorola a couple of
weeks ago. We are pushing big companies to change and move towards open
source. It is an unstoppable process.

    BTW, do we need to care about a "Mobile Web 2.0" hype?

This manifesto from Fabrizio is still "top-down" determined by a CEO
of a company - a community manifesto could maybe need still some time, 
but OpenMoko/Neo1973 will open us a door to evolve a power on a smart
phone like GNU/Linux, Debian or the Wikipedia - probably stronger,
but definitely more flexible then any close source project will be.

To have an efficient "button-up" powered force, or a good cooperation
of "button-up" and "top-down" projects inside the framework of OpenMoko
some help would be needed to give a normal user easy access to
information and knowledge 
- what's going on
- where his skills could be used best
- and allow to cooperate with a view minutes - like with the wikipedia.

A manifesto written by the community could help (keep it in mind)- but 
also other ideas to help that the users are not an inefficent mass...



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