Openmoko as tool to enable the users beeing active part of the OpenMoko community Re: Time for a community manifesto? And let us spread this good News :) Re: Free Your Phone

Robert Michel openmoko at
Sun Jan 21 17:59:48 CET 2007

Salve Tim!

On Sat, 20 Jan 2007, Tim Newsom wrote:

> It might be interesting to build some capability into the help system 
> where people can submit tips for applications, or even help information, 
> which gets sent to some repository and packaged up like an 
> rss feed. 

Yes this is *interesting* and I think much more could be used that the
device itself will be the terminal/frontend to enable the users beeing
active part of the OpenMoko/Neo1973 community.

> Granted, just like any other user supplied content, it will have to be 
> monitored to prevent abuse, but it might be a good way to involve the 
> community in building the help and tips and distributing an otherwise 
> huge task to a number of willing and eager participants.

Tools developed for the OpenMoko community could become used for private 
communities or business solutions like the software of the wikipedia 
is now used not only for the wikipedia.


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