Idea for one of the next Neos: Projecting the display via LEDs

Wil Chung iamwil at
Sun Jan 21 18:46:01 CET 2007

I think you need to also put it on the wiki of Ideas.  :)

Perhaps we need to separate between ideas for future hardware, and ideas for

As for the idea, I think it has merit, although I'm not sure how good the
picture quality would be.  And certainly, you can't much use it while you're
moving.  Perhaps it would work better as an attachment on the future Neo.

As for the technical feasibility, I'm guessing that you were thinking about
it as an overlay of 3 RGB pictures overlayed on top of each other.  Since an
LED is considered one point of light, rather than an image source, you'd
need to somehow be able to direct that light in a scanline (like TVs), or be
able to somehow encode spatial variations into a single LED with a screen
that sums light from previous pulse of light from that LED.  That wouldn't
be ideal, since you'd like to project it anywhere, and not on a special
screen.  How do IR projected keyboards work?  Do they direct a beam?

Dr. H., I agree that it needs a beam scanner, on first though, but does it
have to be mechanical?  I know you can direct radio waves with something
like a phase array, might not light be directed with a phase array?  I don't
know, as it's just a guess since they're both E&M.


On 1/21/07, Uwe Koch <asys3 at> wrote:
> Hi,
> it's still always the same problem:
> Mobile phones' displays  are to small (size or resolution) to view
> documents,
> ebooks, whatever - but they are small to carry with.
> On the other hand PDAs are to large to carry with but are a better
> solution for ebooks or reading texts - but is it large enough?
> Why do all the people buy large TV sets or large LCDs today?
> => Because they want view fullsize videos, want a large display.
> So what about this idea to escape from the discrepancy between
> small size device on the one hand and large display on the other side?
> I think it must be possible to integrate 3 neccessary LEDs into the next
> gen
> Neo, and display the Display - say on a letter format size - to a white
> wall!
> Imagine that you can view pics or even videos, on a projected part
> of the wall.
> Isn't that the solution?
> You know that there exist already IR projected keyboards...
> Perhaps both in one device - incredible !
> Yes, when doing this, the NEO is connected to power - that should be no
> problem.
> What do you think about that?
> I think it should be possible....and would be a revolution...
> Tell me what you think about it.
> Uwe Koch
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