Linux vs. GNU/Linux

Corey corey at
Sun Jan 21 18:48:15 CET 2007

On Sunday 21 January 2007 09:05, Ole Tange wrote:
> If people ask you why you chose the one then answer them politely by
> personal email.

Another solution is to ignore the thread. Most/all mail clients have this
ability, for good reason.[1]

In the mean time, those who still desire to participate in the conversation
occuring in an open mailing list are able to do so until the list becomes
moderated - if/when that should ever occur.

Constant, recurring debates of particular issues within a community are
indicative of evolution and/or growth; stifling these things do not make
them go away. The thread will eventually run its course on its own, though
it may spring up now and again.

A skeleton in the closet isn't necessarily better than an elephant in the
living room.

[1] - looks like you're using gmail:

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