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Dave Crossland dave at
Sun Jan 21 21:40:02 CET 2007

On 20/01/07, Richard Franks <spontificus at> wrote:
> Changing the system title to include GNU/Linux, would increase public
> awareness of GNU, but I don't see how it would directly improve the
> technology or how it would sell more Neo's

If more people are aware of why freedom and community matter, then
they will buy more products that support freedom and community, like
more Neos.

These concept "emanate mainly from the GNU Project. We're the ones who
talk about freedom and community as something to stand firm for; the
organizations that speak of "Linux" normally don't say this. The
magazines about "Linux" are typically full of ads for non-free
software; the companies that package "Linux" add non-free software to
the system; other companies "support Linux" with non-free
applications; the user groups for "Linux" typically invite salesman to
present those applications. The main place people in our community are
likely to come across the idea of freedom and determination is in the
GNU Project." -

> and thus it feels more like agenda-pushing.

The whole Free Software concept is an agenda, and it needs pushing
badly. Without that agenda being pushed in two decades ago, before a
whole free software OS existed, there would probably be _zero_ free
software today. With these upcoming DRM/Palladium stuff, unless this
agenda is pushed, there will probably be no free software in two more

> PS. Are there people who actually say GNU/Linux in conversation and/or
> correct themselves if they forget the GNU part?

I don't forget ;-) And I tend to say 'guh-noo plus lin-ucks' out loud :-)


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