Free Your Phone

michael at michael at
Sun Jan 21 21:46:15 CET 2007

>>> Join us. "Free Your Phone."
>> I totally love this catch phrase! I hope that the FIC marketting uses
>> it as the official tagline of all its openmoko devices!
> It will for sure! This just popped into my head one day while taking a
> shower. I think it's really started to stick. Plus somebody who knows
> _nothing_ about Free Software can still related to it.

Some of my best ideas come in the shower (Future version wish: make the Neo
waterproof). :-) (Actually, perhaps that's not so silly: a "hardened" OpenMoko
for tough environments might be very profitable.)

Sean, is there an official OpenMoko logo yet? Is the orange picture at the top of the official OpenMoko image? It would be nice to have a logo
that echoed the tagline. (I'm getting dangerously close to a "branding"
conversation here, aren't I)?

Reason I ask is I'd like to propose an OpenMoko T-shirt, with the now-official
tag-line. I'd buy and where that right away.

If we don't have a logo yet, perhaps that artist who joined recently could help?

Michael, wishing for "Free Your Phone" T-shirts and stickers

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