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Simon simon80 at
Sun Jan 21 22:33:59 CET 2007

On 1/21/07, David Ford <david at> wrote:
> How does the end result differ from anything I or any on my side of the
> fence have suggested?  Nothing changed so why bring it up in the first
> place?  Both sides accuse the other of this fervour.  Why slight one
> side of the fence?

Reread the thread, you were the first person to accuse anyone of
religious fervor.

> If you want to be listened to, don't be slighting. Your statement should
> read: "Maybe those who're so keen to make a big fuss could take a page
> out of Sean's book?"  Otherwise, "Maybe those who're so keen to push
> "GNU/Averything" on everyone and start flame wars could take a page out
> of Sean's book?"

Dave Crossland's polite request was followed by a snide comment and
two others that ridiculed his request as silly.  It's safe to say that
those messages share much more of the blame for starting any flame war
than his initial request.

> Have a nice day, hopefully this will be the last of this.

Indeed, but I just had to chime in and point this stuff out.

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