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David Schlesinger David.Schlesinger at
Sun Jan 21 22:54:27 CET 2007

>Both my girlfriend and father are aware of Free Software and what it  
>means. This is due to me coming across the FSF out of curiosity about  
>GNU, and then passing that knowledge onto them.

That's nice. I simply doubt that they'll be making cell phone purchasing decisions based on that knowledge. "Runs free software" doesn't appear on the checklist of features that the average person is looking for or cares about. That's unlikely to change.

>But you're presupposing that people are incapable of treating Freedom  
>as a factor when the rate a product or service. There's very little  
>stopping people from judging the Freedom aspect of a product or  
>service apart from awareness of it.

I never said they were "incapable", just that they _don't_. If people factored freedom into their general buying decisions, Western nations wouldn't be running the kind of trade deficits with China that they currently do...

>Out of interest can you define your use of "political agenda"?

In this instance, an agenda based on one party's apparent dissatisfaction with not getting the credit they assert they deserve, and which has nothing to do with software development or any piece of software's being more or less "free".

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