Free Your Phone

David Ford david at
Sun Jan 21 23:09:50 CET 2007

I don't believe that one must always forgo open source toys to earn 
money.  In my opinion, customer service is by far the most important 
element of making a lot of money.  Make happy customers with whatever 
your product is and it's viral.  Your product doesn't have to be the 
cure that saves us all from cancer.  It just needs to be something we 
want or need.  Customer service however is how companies live or die. :)

 From what I have seen since this project came about, customer service 
is a big element as is the product itself.

I think Sean will make money and make us happy as well.


Milan Votava wrote:
> It would be nice to know if Sean's aim is
> 1. to satisfy his and our need for open source toys like Neo
> or
> 2. to earn money like almost everybody on this planet while exploiting 
> geeks like us to achieve his goal :-)
> I bet the second will prove as true...
> Milan

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