Free Your Phone

Dave Crossland dave at
Sun Jan 21 23:56:32 CET 2007

On 20/01/07, Andreas Jellinghaus <aj at> wrote:
> Credit whom credit is due. Either they accept that credit is givin to
> everyone, and that this is a long list, and that if people highlight
> some feature of their choice it is freedom of speach, or they don't.
> but the gnu way of placing themself before everone else is disgusting.
> I'd prefer if "gnu" was not given any special treatment.

The GNU Project is the reason we have any Free Software in the first
place. That it _was_ first, is why it comes first, why their
contribution is so important.

> p.s. gnu also mentions on one cd they claim to have had the biggest
> contribution with about 28%. I doubt I can find more gnu code than
> kde code on my kubuntu.

The KLOCs is a secondary concern, which points to the primary
concerns: The system's origin, history, and purpose.


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