Free Your Phone

Dave Crossland dave at
Mon Jan 22 00:29:55 CET 2007

On 21/01/07, David Schlesinger <David.Schlesinger at> wrote:
> >Both my girlfriend and father are aware of Free Software and what it
>  >means. This is due to me coming across the FSF out of curiosity about
>  >GNU, and then passing that knowledge onto them.
> That's nice. I simply doubt that they'll be making cell phone purchasing
> decisions based on that knowledge. "Runs free software" doesn't appear on
> the checklist of features that the average person is looking for or cares
> about. That's unlikely to change.

With the recent surge in very restrictive proprietary software -
DRM/Treacherous Computing, especially in HD-DVD and BluRay devices
like the PS3 and Vista - I think that this is very likely to change.


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