Text input, OpenMoko and Tengo

Ulrik Rasmussen openmoko at hwiz.dk
Mon Jan 22 00:33:58 CET 2007

On Sunday 21 January 2007 21:18, Richi Plana wrote:
> Is that even such a big difference that a patent can be granted? What if
> we implemented something similar with the same variations as above? For
> instance, why stop at grouping keys in horizontal groups. People could
> potentially tap on the wrong key in a vertical direction (though not as
> likely as on the horizontal one). How about taking the actual letter key
> in the QWERTY virtual keyboard that the user tapped and make that the
> primary candidate for the desired key, but taking the surrounding key in
> the 8 directions surrounding it as potential candidates, as well.

That might work! After all, the most annoying thing with these types of input 
is when you get the one of the characters wrong, as has to go back and 
correct it. I just think this is a hard balance, as it will require a quite 
advanced dictionary to intelligently pick the right words. There will 
obviously be a lot more words to pick, if you take all these letters as 
possible candidates. It should probably look at the sentence as a whole, to 
be able to determine the right word.

> People who are interested in this should form a subgroup concentrating
> mainly on the IME (input method editor) to be used on OpenMoko.

I have created an entry on the wiki for ideas:


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