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I like the ideas that you listed.  I think a multi-touchscreen interface can
get us more unique games, though right now, as it stands, games that are
shorter are better, since I think most people play them on the go, when
they're waiting in line, on the subway, for just a couple minutes.  So,
something like final fantasy would be out of the question.

That said, I think it's possible to have an immersive game, but one would
have to use the real world as a backdrop for mobile gaming.  I think gaming
with location-based information can now be widely played, rather than just
something as a proof of concept.


On 1/18/07, Ortwin Regel <ortwin at> wrote:
> I've just subscribed to the list but I've read some discussion about
> the gaming opportunities on a touchscreen-only device in the archive.
> I'm mainly interested in gaming on OpenMoko (well, I need a new phone,
> too ;) ) so this is my topic! :D In fact I suggest we start an
> OpenMoko gaming community with a nice portal and forums. Not me,
> though, I'm scared of the work and don't have the skills...
> But let's talk about games:
> While many classic games like first person shooters, action
> adventures, jump 'n' runs etc are very difficult to pull off with a
> touchscreen, there are still endless possibilities. My last
> hype-gadget was the awesome but ill-fated gaming Palm called Zodiac by
> Tapwave. It had buttons for gaming but most Palms do not. There were
> some really awesome games that only used the touchscreen for input:
> -Gloop Zero
> A little like physics-based Lemmings. Get the liquid from one part of
> the level to another with tools like path-drawing, bombs,
> anti-gravity, ...
> -Plazmoids!
> A space game with screen-size levels. Move your ship around by
> touching where it should go. Collect the plazmoids (asteroids) by
> catching them in your elastic tractor beam (lots of simple physics
> again), shoot enemies with a button or double tap.
> -Legacy (and successor The Quest)
> Classic first person turn based RPG. Movement and menus can completely
> be controlled with the touchscreen.
> -Warfare Inc.
> A full real time strategy game is no problem with a touchscreen. In
> fact, it's a lot of fun!
> -Acedior
> A classic graphic adventure game.
> Ideas to steal from Nintendo:
> -Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan/Elite Beat Agents
> Rhythm-based touching of circles and paths on the screen is a great
> concept and shouldn't be that difficult to pull off if you leave out
> some of the great presentation.
> -Pac Pix
> The necessary shape-recognition would probably be difficult to manage
> with a small budget but the general idea is quite cool.
> -Kirby Canvas Curse
> Again, not easy to do with a small budget.
> Other ideas:
> -Simple Flash games like Squares2 (
> ) are often very
> addicting and good for short (=mobile) playing sessions. Other
> examples: Bejewelled, Zoo Keeper, ...
> -A classic shooter can work well with continous fire and touchscreen
> controls. An example is Kenta Cho's Java version of Noiz2:
> -Same is true for a 3D shooter with no/seldom used additional
> controls. For example a combat flying game like Hunt for the Red Baron
> ( ). You can control the speed
> with a slider, shoot rockets and drop bombs with special buttons but
> those are things you only need from time to time. Most of the time you
> are shooting continously and aiming which can be done in the corner of
> the touchscreen (so it doesn't obstruct your view).
> Generally:
> -Every turn-based game should be possible with on screen buttons.
> -As long as we don't have multitouch, we can only do one thing at a
> time. Action games should need only one main control action most of
> the time such as moving somewhere on a 2D plane, aiming in 3D, drawing
> a path, ... Special items and actions are possible but should only be
> needed from time to time. There is no solution for first person
> shooter type games where you move and aim independently.
> -The finger getting into the way of seeing what's going on is a
> problem. Most games would probably need a stylus. Games with first
> person aiming can be controlled with a thumb in one corner of the
> screen, however you'd probably need one of them thumbstraps they make
> for the DS so that your thumb glides over the screen with ease.
> I'd love to hear some more ideas!
> Ortwin Regel
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