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Sean Moss-Pultz sean_mosko at
Mon Jan 22 02:28:38 CET 2007

On 1/22/07 4:46 AM, "michael at" <michael at>

>>>> Join us. "Free Your Phone."
>>> I totally love this catch phrase! I hope that the FIC marketting uses
>>> it as the official tagline of all its openmoko devices!
>> It will for sure! This just popped into my head one day while taking a
>> shower. I think it's really started to stick. Plus somebody who knows
>> _nothing_ about Free Software can still related to it.
> Some of my best ideas come in the shower (Future version wish: make the Neo
> waterproof). :-) (Actually, perhaps that's not so silly: a "hardened" OpenMoko
> for tough environments might be very profitable.)

Hehe...waterproof phones would be really cool. It's just so expensive.
> Sean, is there an official OpenMoko logo yet? Is the orange picture at the top
> of
> the official OpenMoko image? It would be nice to have a logo
> that echoed the tagline. (I'm getting dangerously close to a "branding"
> conversation here, aren't I)?

Yeah that's the official one.
> Reason I ask is I'd like to propose an OpenMoko T-shirt, with the now-official
> tag-line. I'd buy and where that right away.
> If we don't have a logo yet, perhaps that artist who joined recently could
> help?
> Michael, wishing for "Free Your Phone" T-shirts and stickers

Coming soon... ;-)


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