GNU discussion (was re:Free your phone)

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at
Mon Jan 22 12:14:52 CET 2007

* Renaissance Man <renaissanceman at> [070122 01:38]:
> I actually become aware of the FS movement via the GNU moniker, so it worked on me. For many years I was only aware of the OS movement (through knowing about "Linux").
Guess you wasn't to much interested in the license of the software you
use? Well, I'm certainly a freak for checking the license of anything
new first. *g* Or just so long on the free software train, that I take
liberty as an important criteria if a piece of software is relevant.

I'm really not a zealot, but I usually avoid learning anything about
closed things that I cannot use. And being a contractor, that means
that anything forbidding commercial usage is out.

OTOH, it's funny how many opensource projects make it hard to get that
information. No licence page on the homepage. One sometimes needs to fetch
the source to check the license.



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