Let us not forget to give every new one a *very* warm welcome - Let us write a welcome message to all new subscriber! HowTo search the Mailinglist archive:http://www.google.de/search?hl=de&q=python+site%3Aopenmoko.org Re: Is python built-in

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Mon Jan 22 13:02:07 CET 2007

Salve Jose and all new or old subscriber of this list!

As much as I'm happy that new people join this mailing list,
please consider that some hundreds or thousands people are on
this list and repeating low level question will generate noise.

So again, I'm very happy that many new people find the way
to the Openmoko community mailinglist - but we do have a small
problem - Sean, the project leader and the official people are
very busy to prepare the first hard/software shipping of 

So the information for newcommers like
or even Seans anouncement from Saturday:
is not the best way to inform and wellcome new people to give them
the full information and support to join the community.

Just to write "Is google down? " will not help the new ones to join,
and it is contra productive it does scare/dismotivate them
to become active and charing productive ideas or solutions.

So we, the OpenMoko community, should write an wellcome article
what information have been collected, which ideas and possibilies
we have thought/find out yet...
so that the newcommers will not flood our list with the same
questions again and again.

> I am working in some pygtk projects and I would like to know if it is
> built-in the device?

When I look on openmoko.com/org this question from Jose
is absolutly understandable - the information about
python and OpenMoko/Neo1973 is hidden in our mail archive.

We could anser, please search like this:

But that's still not perfect, or just use
ipkg install phython 
would not be the best answer for him -
he has experiances in pygtk, a concrete answer about what is
supported, how much python is used for the shipped first core
functions - call manager, adressbook.... and how python is 
supported in the SDK and documentation...

A good and informative answer as wellcome to this list,
would make him think:

"Hey great - this is an interesting device, but also
a community that I like to join - I have a feeling
that together with this guys it will be a fruitfull
and funny cooperation"

So everybody who are on this list for a longer time should
consider that our power will be based on a good and efficent
cooperation - The OpenMoko community could fast grow up to
10.000 or more people who like to chare their ideas and

Don't be afraid about 10.000 or more people and don't think
10 good hackers would be more efficent!

So even when our list got be flooded, stay friendly and
please take care to welcome the nee people and give them
a good information and a good feeling - motivate them to
join and help to do this in a efficent way.

One welcome message, written by us - maybe as webpage
on openmoko.org and/or welcome mail for all new subscriber
of the list would be a good thing - IMHO.
To give this welcome message a stronger community feeling
we all could sign this welcome message - maybe with a small
statment about us, ore skills or what we are focusing to
do with OpenMoko/Neo1973.

I don't want to start this thread to have a theoretical discussion
whith tools would be the best (could be done sometimes later), when
you answer, please focus on what we can do until the February 20th
whith our mailinglist, the wiki http://www.linuxtogo.org/gowiki/OpenMoko
to give everybody new a very warm welcome to our community.


PS: We can also write a little more to
    and translate it in much more languages ;)

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