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tony tony at
Mon Jan 22 14:43:37 CET 2007

Kent Karlsson wrote:
> Hey,
> What do you guys think about creating a nice lib which makes it easy for 
> games to support different multiplayer modes?
> Live connection over Bluetooth and/or GPRS (Perhaps mixed). Play by mail 
> over email or sms. It would be awesome if we could switch between the 
> modes as well for games where it makes sense.
> I realize that it won't be hard for any game to add the support, but 
> keeping friends list and creating everything on a per-game basis is just 
> plain unnecessary.
> -- kent

Now *that's* an interesting idea: a messaging layer that defaults to 
bluetooth, but can use either GPRS (for more-or-less real-time games) or 
SMS (for non-real-time games, like chess).

In the instance of chess, it'd be like playing by mail, only faster. You 
wouldn't rely on GPRS, so your phone isn't tied up. That would limit the 
number of moves you get for free for some people (my plan doesn't have 
unlimited SMS, for instance), but it'd still be nice. Also, using SMS, 
the message has a certain amount of assurance it will arrive.

I think this sort of framework would be invaluable, especially if you 
have, as you mention, a "friends list." Automate the sharing of high 
scores amount your group, that sort of thing.

I like it. I like it a lot.

				- Tony

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