Sean, do you need a table in Brussel for the FOSDEM 2007? ; ) Re: Neo1973 device description and picture for xoo.

Robert Michel openmoko at
Mon Jan 22 15:35:41 CET 2007

Salve Marc!

Marc Verwerft schrieb am Montag, den 22. Januar 2007 um 14:45h:
> I'll be coming both to the beer evening and of course to FOSDEM. I live
> nearby Mechelen, approx. 35 kms from BXL. If I can be of any help, let me
> know.

Ok, you have won, you are closer to BXL (from Aachen 70 km). ;)
So Sean, when you need help and tables, let it Marc and me known.

> If you could arrange for bringing phones to save on the shipping costs, I'll
> buy you 2 beers!! :-)

Oh, when everybody join this kind of offer to Sean at Friday night ;))))
Hey I try to encorage him that there will be a place for a table
and also free rooms where he can give a presentation:
Ahh now I know why there are more prestations on the sheddule
on Sunday and not on Saturday....

  So please handle your offer for beer more flexible....
  Mabye also for Saterday night or just for giving us a presentation
  there ;) Ok Sean, I will bake a cake and bring it to BXL for us,
  when you will give us there a presentation :) 
  Consider the FOSDEM team is recording the presentations and all
  people on this list could at least see this video ;)

But he is said "we are comming" so it sounds like we will have a chance to 
meet more team people and I hope I can spend the hardware engineer, who
made Bluetooth included one beer!

Ah, he will get a second beer, when he made the circuit hardware hackable 
with solder points for using the SIO or other IO of the SOC with some
sensors - or just to be able to solder more RAM/Flash into the Neo1973

Does somebody knows if the FOSDEM realy does not need a registration?

Looking forward to meet you at the FOSDEM :)

PS: I think friends of mine will can give me a place in BXL to sleep
with a sleeping bag. If any student (like me) need a sleeping place
for free - (s)he is welcome to join me (No promise yet - I have to
ask my friends - but I'm quite shure that one of 2 will gave me/us
a place)

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