IMHO more a viewer problem and not a display problem one ; ) -> better pdf and webbrower Re: Idea for one of the next Neos: Projecting the display via LEDs

Bryan Larsen bryanlarsen at
Mon Jan 22 15:41:56 CET 2007

Robert Michel wrote:
 > Salve Uwe!
 > On Sun, 21 Jan 2007, Uwe Koch wrote:
 >> it's still always the same problem:
 >> Mobile phones' displays  are to small (size or resolution) to view 
 >> ebooks, whatever - but they are small to carry with.
 >> On the other hand PDAs are to large to carry with but are a better
 >> solution for ebooks or reading texts - but is it large enough?
 > Yes it is - I've read complete books on my Palm 160x160.

I read a lot of books on my Treo, which has a smaller screen than an old 
school Palm.  However, it's resolution is higher at 320x320.  99% of the 
books are from the Baen free library ( or the Baen 
webscription service.

Here are the advantages:

1) you always have a book on you when you have 10 minutes to kill
2) built in backlight means you don't need a light on or one of those 
awkward booklights to read.  Great for reading in bed without disturbing 
the wife.
3) comfortable to read with one hand.  In a normal book you hold the 
book with one hand and turn pages with the other.  This makes it much 
more comfortable when reading in bed or when you're reading on the bus 
and you don't get a seat.

The cons are:

1) you have to either plug in or make sure you have a full battery 
before you start reading
2) hard to read in sunlight

The size is not a problem.  The limited width of the device is actually 
an advantage in speed-reading: less eye movement.   Eye strain is also 
not a problem, for me.  Properly formatted books are crucial:  PDF's 
suck horribly; even HTML usually doesn't work too well.  Mobipocket 
format works great.


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