yes it will have (AFAIK) two 1 Watt speaker! Re: Speakerphone

Robert Michel openmoko at
Mon Jan 22 15:53:43 CET 2007

Salve Gervais!

On Mon, 22 Jan 2007, Gervais Mulongoy wrote:

> I am not sure how important this "feature" is for others, 
Hmm by having the chance to play even ogg/vorbis files 
I would say I would not understand when it hasn't a loud speaker.

ipkg install ogg123 

> but will the
> Neo1973 have a loud speaker?

Sean answern't the question which audio IC will be in the Neo1973
the wolfson wm has stero speaker support...
but Sean doesn't mentioned the speaker himself on the openmoko webpages
nor this list.

When you google about some media articles you will find that the Neo1973
is anounced with two 1 Watt Speaker :))

Here on the list is only an indirect confirmation of it from Sean:

So I can't give an official answer, but I'm quite shure,
it will have a two 1 Watt speaker.


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