io ports besides usb & audio?

soeren at soeren at
Mon Jan 22 16:10:14 CET 2007


will the neo have some other i/o ports forwarded to the outside besides the
usb port and audio jack? i'd be intersted if there is one to do spi with a

if not, would there be one iside the case that may be used? are there some
schematics for the circuit board yet?

why? - i'm controlling my "home" via irda or 433mhz radio - music, mp3
player, lights, everything. (no, not x10 -- completely homebrew + canbus)
soldering a 433mhz remote into the case would be great. no, the bluetooth is
no alternative in this case, since i'd have to write a bluetooth-stack
for the atmega32-16 that controls it.

thanks in advance

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