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Mon Jan 22 16:04:28 CET 2007

On ma, 2007-01-22 at 15:07 +0100, Robert Michel wrote:
> Salve Mikko!
> > _Default_ software. The default stuff must fit in without a microSD.
> Oh I see much power with 64MB flash and I do expect a skripting language
> like python fit on the flash. But not every lib must be inside the
> flash, right?

It's may possible to fit it in depending on other software, sure, and
certainly not everything has to be on the on-board flash, just
everything in the default install.

Also, my particular piece of software I was thinking of currently
depends on pygnome as well and not merely Python. :]

> > I'll probably install python too, via BT-PAN or GPRS, but I don't expect
> > it to be in there by default. 
> Can I ask you why not via install it via USB (Network or USB flash stick) or
> from a microSD card (1GB starts at 16 Euro, 2GB at 46 Euro), why via GPRS?

The method is of no consequence really, I merely mentioned it on the
side because Jose said earlier "Considering that Neo1973 doesn't have
WiFi, I can't image clients downloading python-runtime by apt using
GPRS ;-)" (though I'm likely not a "client" he was talking about :).
(Yes, we have affordable flat rate here.)

USB-net, perhaps, if the default install will make USB-net easy. I have
no motivation to tune USB networking. (With BT I will, however, tinker
if FIC doesn't provide ready-made PAN support or somebody else doesn't
beat me to it.)

> Big flash on a PCB is quite expensive, why not live with having libs,
> programms and data on the micro-SD?

I don't see who was arguing against having libs, programs and data on
the micro-SD.

> Nokias 770 has 128 MB flash but only 64 RAM - when I could choose
> I would take a Neo with 32 MB flash when it would have 256 MB RAM ;)

Mmh, 64 MB RAM does seem a bit limiting, though it's an old generation
already. (Ah well, I'm also not going for Nokia because of their
love-hate-openness thing.)

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