As I fear - no. Re: io ports besides usb & audio?

Robert Michel openmoko at
Mon Jan 22 17:00:52 CET 2007

Salve Soeren!

On Mon, 22 Jan 2007, soeren at wrote:
> will the neo have some other i/o ports forwarded to the outside besides the
> usb port and audio jack? 
AFAIK unhappyly not.

> i'd be intersted if there is one to do spi with a microcontroller.
> if not, would there be one iside the case that may be used? are there some
> schematics for the circuit board yet?

No public schematics yet - from early beginning I tried to motivate
Sean and his team to make this device hardware hackable as well,
to solder some sensors and other stuff ourself to the phone.
But I don't now if I was succsessfull with this (for the v1).

> why? - i'm controlling my "home" via irda or 433mhz radio - music, mp3
> player, lights, everything. (no, not x10 -- completely homebrew + canbus)
> soldering a 433mhz remote into the case would be great. no, the bluetooth is
> no alternative in this case, since i'd have to write a bluetooth-stack
> for the atmega32-16 that controls it.

You are right, build in 433mhz tranceiver would be funny.... maby in
later Neo1973 versions?

But you could use a device like a NSLU2 with a bluetooth adapter
and then link the IO on the NSLU2 via Bluetooth to your Neo1973
(using the flexibility of Linux)
So you will not have to write a bluetooth-stack for your atmega,
nor by expensive BlueTooth IC working with this controller.

See what all is addable to the NSLU2:

I hope you (and other hardware hackers) are not to much disapointed and
do use OpenMoko and Neo1973 for cool and interesting projects and hacks.
As more is be done, as more is populare to do with OpenMoko Neo1973 as
more it is likly that FIC will support more connectors and build in
things in the later generations of the Neo1973.


PS: Also a simple audio in would be great... but I fear the Neo v1
    woun't have it either.

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