As I fear - no. Re: io ports besides usb & audio?

Duncan Hudson openmoko at
Mon Jan 22 17:55:21 CET 2007

Robert Michel wrote:
> No public schematics yet - from early beginning I tried to motivate
> Sean and his team to make this device hardware hackable as well,
> to solder some sensors and other stuff ourself to the phone.
> But I don't now if I was succsessfull with this (for the v1).
I'm not sure how comfortable I'd feel hacking my phone, but it would be 
the ultimate mod if I didn't brick it! As for sensors some Maxim chips 
would be great - how about adding a DS1920?
>> why? - i'm controlling my "home" via irda or 433mhz radio - music, mp3
>> player, lights, everything. (no, not x10 -- completely homebrew + canbus)
>> soldering a 433mhz remote into the case would be great. no, the bluetooth is
>> no alternative in this case, since i'd have to write a bluetooth-stack
>> for the atmega32-16 that controls it.
I use / need irda for an awful lot of things - printing, polling 
machines, controling devices. Hopefully, the rev 2 will have an irda port.


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